Who’s behind the cows’ happy isle? It’s 3A, the Assegnatari Associati Arborea co-operative. Arborea is, first and foremost, a municipality in the province of Oristano.

When the town was founded there was nothing to welcoming to the environment: swamps, impenetrable terrain and endless swarms of mosquitoes. The area was reclaimed and drained in the 1920s and it soon became a leading player in the economic development of this corner of Sardinia.

Many factors contributed to its success: numerous families came to settle here from north-eastern Italy; cattle farming and milk production gradually increased; both an agricultural reform was passed and the government agency for Sardinian land and farming transformation (ETFAS) was established in the Fifties.

Within this framework, 3A was established as a processing co-operative to sell, directly to consumers, the dairy products made from the milk its members brought to the co-operative. In 1956 the co-operative took over the Aziende Alimentari Associate plant.

Modern, rational farms were built over the years and the appropriate crops were planted to ensure the right diet for Holstein (aka Friesian) and Brown Swiss dairy cattle, marking the launch of a full-blown business phenomenon and of an upgrading of the Sardinian dairy industry, which continues to grow in a way we’re very proud of.


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