The company

Latte Arborea, i.e. Cooperativa 3A, is today the primary hub of the Sardinian dairy industry. Our numbers confirm this: 248 members representing many producers/farm owners located all over Sardinia. Every day, they deliver an average of 524,000 litres (approx. 922,000 Imperial pints) of milk produced on selected, specialist farms which together have some 50,000 head of Holstein and Brown Swiss cattle.

Practically speaking, we collect 90% of the cow’s milk produced in Sardinia, an annual volume of more than 191m litres (approx. 42m Imperial gallons). Quite a responsibility in terms of quality.

This is why all the stages of the production chain are carefully checked: the feedstuffs given to lactating cows are grown on field farm around Arborea to guarantee that the animals’ feed is of standard quality and nutritionally balanced; the Holstein and Brown Swiss cows are raised in accordance with state-of-the-art farming techniques; milking is done on the farms of the various producers and involves the use of special technology to ensure that hygiene standards are met at all times.

Our commitment reflects our mission: to promote the products of our members’ farms and, ipso facto product, milk. Supporting the local economy by promoting its products goes hand-in-hand with those values of mutual aid, solidarity and sociality that have always been at the heart of our company policy.

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