Our diary

Can we say we’re big? We think so.

The dairy occupies an area of some 61,000 m2 (657,000 sq.ft.) of which 24,000 are built over. The credit goes to our efficiency. We adopted the very latest technological solutions and plant.

Our technology and the large volume of milk we process ensures a production capacity that is outstanding among both the Italian and European dairy industries. We can say we’re smart, too, because we succeeded in the major challenge of developing our production while maintaining the quality of our products.

In our more than 50 years of work and experience at the co-operative, our production has constantly grown in volume and value, yet always in line with the stringent quality standards seen in the entire range of Latte Arborea products, from milk to cheese and our range of fresh and ultra-fresh ready-to-eat products.

Stabilimento latte Arborea

The factory

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