School Area

The 3 A Coop opens up to those who would enjoy a visit to the dairy chain. Everybody is welcomed from kids to adults. You can get to know the whole milk production cycle through a guided visit to the dairy chain.

In the dairy farm you can see how farmers live and work everyday and get to know the tricks of cultivations, cattle-breeding and milking. During the guided visit to the production plant, you can find out how carefully products are manufactured before they come to your table.

lineaSome suggestions to enjoy the rest of the day after the visit to the 3 A Coop dairy chain. linea

Sardinia in miniature

The visit to the theme park combines education and entertainment, introducing and developing the following themes: environment with a special show on Darwin and the Biosphere featuring butterflies and other typical animals from the rain-forests, labs on renewable energies, the museum of Astronomy and one of the most important planetariums in Italy where you can access the immense universe and its laws.

The archaeological site of Tharros

The school groups can take a guided tour to the rest of the ancient Phoenician town and find out the most significant ruins of the Punic age, the majesty of the Roman Tharros, the changes through the Paleochristian age and the following traces of the definite decade of the town.
After the trip by a coach to visit San Marco Cape, the guided tour ends at the museum of Cabras.

The Acquarium of Cala Gonone

An exhibition with 25 pools to find out the secrets of the Mediterranean Sea! A hall featuring the tropical seas and a tactile pool to experience the direct contact with the living species, recycled materials and saving-energy systems to respect the sea ecosystems!
7 educational guided tours for schools to promote knowledge as the first step to preserve and protect the environment.

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