Where we are.

3A Latte Arborea Co-operative is located in Arborea (province of Oristano, Sardinia) in the area that in the 1920s’ used to be classified as pre-desert area, with salt pools and marshland bordering the seaside. In 1937 the land was reclaimed for livestock and agricultural use under Mediterranean climatic conditions. In 1956 the Co-op was founded. 3A Latte Arborea Co-op manages the whole dairy chain in Sardinia, from milk collection to processing, packaging and delivery all across the island and in South Italy.

A sustainable approach.

Increase the value of the member-partners’ production by managing the whole dairy chain using a sustainable approach for partners, workers, customers, consumers and land. The commitment to support the territory’s economy and to increase their products value weaves together with the values of mutual assistance, solidarity and social relations that indissolubly form the heart of the company’s strategy.

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